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Company profile

Chonghan R&D Co., Ltd. specializing the design, manufacture and marketing of the wirelessM2M device.

Locatedin Shenzhen , China. It established in 2010, which specializs in R&Dactivities ,focuses on production of wireless data transmit device and wirelessintegration. Having enough experience in marketing development and projectmanagement, providing all kinds of solutions for customers in 2.5G/3G field andwireless video field.we possesses a professional team.

Atpresent ,Company’ products all about industry , which based on GSM, GPRS, CDMA,EDGE, EV-DO wireless network modem, DTU, Router, VPN Router.VPN server, Videocapture and Video Terminal are mainly used in industrial remote control,environmental monitoring, power control, streetlights control, mobile officeareas etc. We involve the whole process to develop a product:from R&D, ideageneration, software programming, hardware designs, new product development,production, and consultation within the following related product categories.We are good at R&D, that is why, we are capable to handle critical OEM , aswell as ODM orders well, and delivery satisfy service standard to customers.After selling well in domestic markets for several years, now the companywishes to expand the international markets.

We believe that the most important factor to win customer isquality, both products and services, and we have been working hard for thisdirection.

Product     presentation

Chong Han technology focused on industrial wireless datatransmission. Products have Modem, DTU, routers, video terminals, such as thefour major products series. Covers all 4 types of international mobilecommunications standards: CDMA2000, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, LTE. Fully supports GSM,GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, HSUPA, CDMA, EV-DO, TD-SCDMA, TD-HSDPA, TD-HSUPA, LTE, Wi-Fiand other network environment.\

Application     fields

Chong Han technology's products are widely used in wirelesscommunications networking industry chain, industrial automation, M2M industryinformation dissemination field, such as remote meter reading of smart grid andcentralized meter reading, municipal street lighting control, buildingautomation, industrial control (Security) video monitoring, hydrologicalmonitoring, water conservancy, energy (financial POS Mobile terminal energy,water supply, heating, etc.), remote network monitoring of hydrologicalmonitoring, weather monitoring, environmental protection, intelligenttransportation, intelligent Home Furnishing, media advertising, digital medicalindustry, earthquake monitoring, remote sensing, fire safety, coal minereal-time online detection, data acquisition and other fields of oilfield.

Product development

Thecompany's products are designed to follow the international industrialstandards, the product is widely used in the prediction stage to collect userneeds. In the product design, the development process in strict accordance withthe requirements of wireless communication engineering to take a scientificproject management mechanism. To ensure the quality of the software and hardwareproduct design, the company's hardware products are strictly tested by theinternational popular test software, and at the same time to ensure thestability and ease of use.

Service     and support

Withthe convenience and high efficiency of the Internet, to provide fast andeffective technical support and service for IT professionals and users.Flexible online support plus traditional phone support services, to provide youwith a more comprehensive and thoughtful technical support services.

The     vision of Chonghan

Focuson the field of wireless communications, as the Internet of things, thecornerstone of smart grid technology, service society, the benefit of thepublic!